Wild Imagination - Charm Necklace

Wild Imagination - Charm Necklace


Wild - not subject to restraint, passionately eager, going beyond normal or conventional bounds.

I combined these particular stones with the intention to not only stimulate but push your imagination. The calming carnelian, healing mother of pearl and protective pyrite support the focal point of this piece, the Lapis pendant, and serve to connect you to your higher self. The pendant is 24k gold plated over sterling silver and the chain as well as all the other components are 14k gold fill.

Lapis Lazuli: clear communication , connects the physical to the celestial

Carnelian: creativity and passion, calms fears about the cycle of life

Mother of Pearl: healing, stimulates imagination

Pyrite: protection, attracts abundance

At first I was not into the metaphysical properties of stones. I wanted to know where they came from and how they formed, but the more I studied the geology of these rare specimens, the more I realized that the conditions in which they form are so extraordinary and take so much time - 500 million years to be exact if you’re an emerald anyway. That is 2,500 times longer than humans have even existed. Given these circumstances how can these miraculous gems NOT have special powers? Even if they simply serve as tangible things to help remind us of our intangible goals. Having something to hold to remind you that you are doing your best, navigating a path toward the idealistic version of yourself you have in your head - that is something I want to believe in.

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