Kaia + Geo Earrings - Rare Red Snowfake Obsidian

Kaia + Geo Earrings - Rare Red Snowfake Obsidian


Stunning pieces of Red Snowflake Obsidian set in sterling silver or bronze + gold filled ear wires. (Center pair has SOLD)

This listing includes the choice of Geo style (square frame setting) or Kaia style (Rounded frame).

Obsidian is natural glass that was originally molten magma from a volcano. The magma cools so fast the atoms don’t have time to form the crystalline structure found in other rocks and minerals so Obsidian is in this funny category called “Mineraloid.” Overtime the silica molecules in the obsidian begin to rearrange themselves into crystal patterns, so the “snowflakes” you see are actually quartz crystals transforming the obsidian from a mineraloid into a crystal right before your eyes!

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Due to natural variation, the stones you receive may differ from those pictured, but they will be just as beautiful.
Please allow 7 days for production.